linette ezra reeman
b. 1996
they / them

linette reeman (they/them) is the author of BLOODMUCK and has work forthcoming in the 2017 bettering american poetry anthology. they share less on the internet these days.

linette reeman (they/them) is a trans/agender cryptid haunting highway rest-areas across new jersey. they are the author of BLOODMUCK, have work forthcoming in the 2017 bettering american poetry anthology, are a multiple pushcart prize and best of the net nominee, have performed in venues like the bowery poetry club and busboys & poets, and their work has recently been published in BOAAT, Juked, Reality Hands, Lunch Ticket, and Yes Poetry. they share less on the internet these days.


Linette Reeman (they/them) is the author of BLOODMUCK and has work forthcoming in the 2017 Bettering American Poetry anthology. They share less on the internet these days.

Linette Reeman (they/them) is an Aries from the Jersey Shore, so they’re not sure what you mean by “speed limit.” They were suspended from their university summer 2017 for political activism, and since then, they’ve hosted the 2017 Texas Grand Slam final stage, been accepted into the 2017 Bettering American Poetry anthology, been a finalist for the Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Prize from Tinderbox Journal, won Sundog Lit’s inaugural collaboration contest with torrin a. greathouse, and have released their chapbook BLOODMUCK through The Atlas Review; subsequently, they refuse to let their university take even peripheral credit for any of it.

Linette’s identity as a transgender anti-capitalist and prison abolitionist, and work as a social historian, influences every aspect of their writing, and often is central to their collections. Their work is cross-genre and multi-disciplinary and includes writing poems, conceptualizing and performing feature-sets, compiling and designing chapbooks and zines, lending their words to collaborative art, engaging in workshops, creating prints of their work, and other miscellaneous things they can do with words. The broad themes of their work include mental illness, disability, PTSD, surviving small-town America, working-class solidarity and concerns, resisting systematic repression, gender and sexuality in context, and historical narration. Their long-term ongoing projects, which are divided and scattered amongst magazines and mediums, are Relevant History [sample poem: Clickbait Article], The New Jersey Devil [sample poem: Vignettes I-V], Post-Arrest [sample poem: Pedigree], and After D////d T///p [sample poem: As D////d T///p is Being Inaugurated]. Individual pieces from these collections have been nominated for the Bettering American Poetry, Pushcart, and Best of the Net prizes.

Linette’s first collection of poems, BLOODMUCK, seamlessly blends the intimate angst of bloody work with lighthouse instances of  triumph and joy. On BLOODMUCK, they say, “I imagined the book this way: it is my body and everything that happened to me this year, and for the first time in my life, I have complete control over how my body is seen/used/experienced, and so I asked myself, in what way do I present my body? In which order do I talk about the experiences it has endured?” Their second collection, THE NEW JERSEY DEVIL WASHES THE BLOOD OFF is forthcoming from L’Ephemere Review.

As a performance poet, Linette has been competing and performing on every level from their university’s CUPSI qualifiers to the Individual World Slam as a venue representative since 2014. They have videos on Slamfind and Write About Now, and consider slam to be their first formal introduction to poetry. They have also been a featured performer at venues across North America, including Busboys & Poets, the Bowery Poetry Club, Eclectic Truth, and Hot Damn Its A Queer Slam, and they have toured with fellow poets and artistic collaborators Aeon Ginsberg, Kay Kassier, and torrin a. greathouse.

Outside of poetry, Linette is a freelance graphic designer and social media content creator and has worked with Poetry Slam Inc., Liberation Project, Sapphic Swan Zine, Rose & Yarrow, Up Against The Law, Voices of Today, Columbus Queer Open Mic, The Philadelphia Fuze Poetry Slam, and others.

More of Linette Reeman’s work can be found on Soundcloud and Twitter.